Dr Rees’ Lecture on Paraneoplastic Syndrome

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Event date: 19/03/14

Time: 6pm

Location: Garrod Building, Turner Street, Whitechapel London E1 2AD ​

What better way to welcome the Spring than learning about another amazingly interesting rare disease? Barts and the London Society for Rare Diseases, in association with QMBL Neuroscience Society, is very pleased to present a talk by Consultant Dr Rees who is Consultant Neurologist at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square and is a specialist on Paraneoplastic Syndrome!

This group of weird and wonderful maladaptive responses to fighting cancer is something that medical students traditionally know little about despite having a very interesting pathological basis and clinical presentation. It is however part of our medical school year 3 learning objectives and is known to pop-up in the more tricky finals questions!

Dr Rees will be giving us a general over-view of the different types of PNS from presentation to management. As his patients are too unwell to attend we will be moving away from the traditional clinician and patient combined talk on this occasion but he will be bringing along some clinical videos for us to see.

So for all of you interested in immunology, oncology, neurology and systemic disease come along for what promises to be a very fascinating talk! As always, refreshments will be provided for all and certificates of attendance for sub-paying members of either Rare Diseases Society or QMBL NeuroSoc.

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